Recall Training Bundle - Dog Trainer Kit

The Leashboss Recall Training Bundle is the perfect kit for those who want to give their dog room to run, dog trainers, and professional handlers. With this product collection, you will have everything you need the next time you are working on recall training with your pooch.

About this product


Long Trainer - 50 Foot 3/4 Inch Lead

Bungee Leash Extension for Absorbing Shock

Treat Pouch

Leash Description:

The Long Trainer 3/4 inch nylon dog leash is built strong with high quality nylon and available in either black or orange. As opposed to cotton leashes, nylon has a long lifespan. Cotton leashes deteriorate quickly and can leave you with a broken leash and a dog on the run. Long Trainer 3/4 is built with heavy duty materials that can withstand daily use over an extended period of time. It can be used with medium and large size dogs. Please note this is not a retractable leash.

Leash Extender Description:

A great choice for leash training, long leash play time, running, or walking with strong pullers. Both you and your dog will enjoy your time together more with this extender.

The bungee leash extender absorbs shock when your dog jerks or darts at the end of the leash. It quickly diffuses force to keep both you and your dog comfortable. You'll stay safe and reduce the strain on muscles and ligaments when your dog makes sudden movements, or when you must stop abruptly.

Treat Pouch Description:

The Leashboss Dog Treat Pouch clips onto a belt, waistband or pocket for easy access to treats when training your puppy or dog. Trainers love this style of bag for training working dogs and service dogs. The drawstring closure on the treat bag allows you to easily adjust the opening. Keep it closed when not in use to keep the treats fresh and contained. Adjust the opening to fit your hand to allow easy access during training.

Keep your wallet and keys safe in the zippered pocket. Your phone can quickly be accessed from the front mesh pocket. A reflective strip helps you be seen in low light situations.


3/4" 50-foot leash assembled in USA. Treat pouch and bungee harness made in China.


Always exercise caution and remain alert and aware of your surroundings when using a long leash. We recommend using a harness with the bungee extender and long leash combo.

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