Leashboss 3X - Two Handle Dog Leash with Extra Traffic Handle - Heavy Duty Double Grip

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Our two handle dog leash offers a one of a kind double handle experience that gives you the distance you desire for walking and training. We designed this 6 foot neoprene padded leash to make walking easier and more comfortable for multiple sizes of dogs. With handles at 12 inches and 18 inches, this heavy duty leash doesn't disappoint!

Make Walking or Training Easier
Choose exactly the distance you’d like to walk or train your dog with this two-handle leash from Leashboss. Ideal for medium or large dogs, the Leashboss 3X offers a long, 6-foot reach along with options for close control.

Comfortable Padded Handles
We’ve made sure to keep your grip comfortable at all times by adding soft neoprene material to the handles of this leash. The inside of each handle features padding to stay soft on the hands, even when your dog is pulling hard.

Durable, Reliable & Long-Lasting
This leash is made from durable, high quality materials and assembled here in the USA. The main leash is 1” nylon webbing, with heavy duty clips and featuring poly-bonded nylon threading for extra strength.

Includes Extra Traffic Handle
The Leashboss 3X is the only two handle leash on the market to include an additional traffic handle - another reason why it is totally unique. Use this third handle for extra close control in busy traffic or when crossing the road.

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