Leashboss Duo - Adjustable Two Dog Leash with Handle for Large Dogs

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Trying to juggle two leashes can be such a hassle. Not only do you have to try and keep hold of two handles, but you also have to deal with your dogs' leashes ending up twisted and tangled. But not anymore!

Constructed out of heavy-duty nylon, the Leashboss Duo Coupler with Handle is a two dog leash that is simple to use and made to stand the test of time. The double dog leash has two separate adjustable straps with collar clips on their ends. You can adjust the length of each part of the no tangle two dog leash to the perfect size for your needs and then fasten the clips to your dogs' collars. The design of this two dog leash will keep your pups from getting tangled up, so all three of you can enjoy your stroll.

With the Leashboss Double Dog Leash, your days of trying to manage two leash handles are finished for good. Our double leash has a padded, ergonomic no-bend handle that fits easily in your hand. For added convenience, the handle of our double clip leash detaches from the coupler. This way, you can use the two dog leash adapter with any leash of your choosing for more flexibility.

Take the stress out of walking two dogs at once with the best double dog leash available! Order the Leashboss Duo Double Dog Leash now.

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