Become a Dog Model for Leashboss

Interested in having your dog become a model for Leashboss? This page outlines the benefits of being a model and what we're looking for.

Dog Size: Leashboss mainly focuses on dogs who are above 40 lbs. 

Breeds: All dog breeds of the appropriate size are welcome.

Photo quality: We're looking for high quality photos which showcase our products in a professional way. This includes posed shots which show the entire product, not a photo where it's obvious that the leash is being held by the person taking the photo. Photos which show the entire dog, leash, and a person holding the leash are ideal.

Environments: We love urban and rural environments. The ideal person could take beautiful pictures in interesting areas.

Timeliness: Dog models and their owners are expected to provide photos within 10 days of receiving a product, weather permitting. 


Why become a Leashboss dog model? Our models receive new and old products in the mail constantly. Make your dog famous and enjoy the latest and greatest products for your own personal use.

If you are interested, please email with some example photos and where you are located.