Double Up - Adjustable Leash Coupler with 4 Foot Padded Handle Leash


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Leashboss Double Dog Walker a great solution to walking two dogs at once. Our leash includes a 4 foot lead with a two dog coupler. This leash features a solid core handle which takes the pain out of walking your dog! More comfort and control, this leash feels great in your hand. The 4 foot leash is connected to a double dog coupler which is adjustable for two different size dogs.

We recommend this leash for medium and large dogs, as we use heavy duty hardware and a 1 inch nylon.

"My wife and I have been having trouble walking our two large dogs, a Rottweiler and Labrador. I've been using two leashes and they simply get tangled up waaay too easy. I'd almost always need to use two hands and then I'd have to fumble around trying to answer my phone or grab my keys. With the Leashboss Coupler I can finally walk my two big pups with one hand, WITHOUT the tangle." Tim - Snow Bird, Utah

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