Free Range 1" - 30 Foot - Heavy Duty Training Leash for Large Dogs


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30 foot Free Range is a long dog leash that is commonly used for recall training, hiking, and outdoor play. This length is great for the beach or playing with your dog in the park for close play. The length gives much more freedom than the 20 foot, but more control than the 50 foot. The 30 foot length is very popular. This leash has a solid foam covered handle which keeps your hands safe and in better control.

Now includes free drawstring carrying bag!

Note: This is not a retractable leash

Built to Last
Unlike cotton leashes, Free Range is a durable, heavy duty, 1 inch wide nylon leash with a sturdy clip that is meant to last. Long leashes get dirty and need to be made out of a lasting material that will not eventually wear down and break. The longer the length, the easier it is for your dog to get the momentum to break it. Free Range is built with strong materials that can withstand daily use over an extended period of time.

Comfortable Control
Other long leashes will put stress on your hands and may give you a case of dreaded "Leash-Burn". Well, this is no longer an issue with Free Range. Each long dog leash has a solid handle with a soft foam exterior that doesn't bend. When your dog pulls at distance, you will have something real to hold onto. We've been told that these handles are great for people with arthritis. Having a comfortable handle takes the pain away from having your dog on a long leash. We think you'll agree.

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