Leashboss Lite - Double Handle Dog Leash For Pulling Dogs

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Leashboss Lite is a revolutionary, patented dual handle dog leash that allows you to have as much or as little control over your pooch as you need to at any given moment. The training leash has two different handles: an open loop handle that you can slip over your wrist at the end and a padded traffic handle located 18 inches from the clip. With two handles included in its design, this pulling dog leash can be used three different ways:

1. As a two handed leash. Take a hold of each handle on the pulling dog leash, so that you can keep the greatest amount of control over your dog.

2. As a single handed traffic leash. Hold the middle traffic handle and end loop in one hand to keep your large dog close beside you.

3. As a single handed traditional leash. Let go of the traffic handle and simply keep the loop handle over your wrist, so your dog can have more leeway to sniff and investigate his surroundings.

In any position, the Leashboss Lite cuts down on the risk of leash burn with its padded handle and wrist strap design. The lead is 5 feet long by 1 inch wide and is an excellent choice of dog leash for large dogs 40 pounds and over. Durable nylon construction will allow this heavy duty dog leash to last through years of walks.

Measure 18" from clip to handle, 5 feet total length.

Read about the difference between Leashboss Original and Lite and choose which is right for you and your dog. 

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