Slide On Pet ID Tag

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Brought to you in partnership with Boomerang Tags, this slide-on pet ID tag made of stainless steel and features a deep color filled engraving. This style tag is correct for single ply nylon collars that close with a pin type belt buckle.

Why buy our tag? This slide on tag is deeply engraved and color filled for maximum longevity. Unlike our competitors, this tag is bent to fit your pet's neck better. Our customers agree that our tags are a step above the rest!

This style tag cannot be installed on adjustable length collars / collars that close with a snap or clasp type buckle. Also this tag is too small for leather collars, check out our double thick slide on tag for leather or double thick nylon.

1 Inch, 3/4 Inch, and 5/8 Inch Sizes - For Regular Dog Collars
3/8 Inch Size - For Puppy, Small Dog, and Cat Collars

Please measure the collar width to ensure you are ordering the right size and allow 2 weeks for delivery.

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