Ultimate New Puppy Bundle - New Dog Kit

Do you have a new puppy or rescue dog in your life? Get started on the right paw with our luxurious New Puppy product bundle!

About this product

Bundle and save: this kit includes our no-jingle identification tag, USA-assembled 6-foot leash, dog walking fanny pack, adjustable raised dog feeder, compatible slow feed bowl, and gray-colored XL dog food mat.


Collar Tag Pet ID Tag

HD Pro 6-Foot Leash

PackUp Pouch Fanny Pack

Gray Splash Mat XL Pet Food Mat

Skyrise Adjustable Raised Pet Feeder

Gray 2-Quart Slow Feed Bowl

Pet ID Tag Description:

Made in partnership with Boomerang Tags, this tag is made of stainless steel, and goes on adjustable nylon webbing collars that have a common plastic clasp / snap closure. This collar tag is designed to work on any standard nylon webbing including martingale collars, invisible fence collars and nylon harnesses. This tag is perfect for anyone looking for a quiet and durable tag for an adjustable nylon collar that is guaranteed not to fall off.

HD Pro Description:

This leash feels amazing in your hands. The double thickness of the nylon gives a soft feeling to the edges of the leash making it easier and more comfortable to handle. We've also added a comfortable neoprene padded handle at the loop that you are sure to love.

PackUp Pouch Description:

This unisex hip pack with poop bag dispenser is a great choice for people who love to walk their dogs, but don’t have roomy pockets for carrying the essentials. It lets you keep all of your gear organized, secure, and within easy reach.

Splash Mat Description:

This generously sized pet mat combines modern styling and functionality to keep spills and messes contained. The outer lip of the waterproof dog placemat has raised edges to prevent spills. Suitable for use with food and water bowls or raised pet feeders. Lay the pet food tray down on the floor and put your pet dishes or elevated dog feeder on the mat. The non slip surface will keep them in place.

Skyrise Feeder Description:

Skyrise is the perfect pet diner for any modern home. Designed with functionality and minimalism in mind, the SKYRISE (TM) Adjustable Raised Feeder easily adjusts to 3 different heights while maintaining a clean and beautiful look. Skyrise will grow with your new puppy.

Slow Bowl Description:

Hungry pup approved - your dog will love this 2 quart slow feed bowl, and you will too. Slow down speedy eaters, and give your dog a fun puzzle that makes mealtimes more fun. The Leashboss Slow Feed Bowl has a lip that allows you to use it in place of a standard 2-quart bowl with 7.5 inch inner top diameter. Our slow bowl can hold up to two cups of food (16 ounces).


Pet ID Tags are made in USA. Dog leash is assembled in USA. Fanny pack, raised feeder, slow bowl, and pet food mat made in China.


Please measure your pet's collar width before ordering to ensure you are ordering the right size pet ID tag. See photos for more detailed sizing information.

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